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Veterinary & Hospital Services

Complete Care
Akron-Medina Veterinary Hospital offers everything your pet could possibly need. Scheduling a veterinary appointment is simple and convenient. We can set you up with an appointment promptly when you contact us at (330) 239-1271. You can drop off your cat or dog for an outpatient appointment and pick your pet up when we are all done. Our in-house and online Pharmacies are fully equipped to meet your pet's medical needs.
Medical Services
These are some of the medical services we offer at Akron-Medina Veterinary Hospital:
Comprehensive Examinations:
Detection of an illness early on will not only help your pet live longer, but also help him or her enjoy a better quality of life. We screen for genetic diseases, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and more.
General Surgery:
When surgery is necessary, we take the proper precautions to make sure it is as safe as possible. We run the proper bloodwork in advance of any anesthesia. Our monitoring equipment keeps as abreast of all vitals to ensure safety throughout the procedure.
Laser Surgery:
Our laser surgery procedures use a non-contact mode that leaves no bruising, crushing or tearing after an incision. Laser surgery is ideal for procedures such as removing tumors, eye surgeries, ear procedures and declawing. As a result, your pet will have less pain, post-procedure.
Wellness Programs:
We have specialized plans for our furry friends because no two pets have the same exact needs. We offer Preventative Care Maintenance Plans for puppies, kittens and adult pets and even Geriatric Plans for our more seasoned guests.
Regular check-ups are just as important for your cat or dog as it is for you. Likewise, we recommend staying up-to-date with your pet's immunizations to protect them from harmful diseases and parasites.
Spay and Neuter Services:
It is extremely important to get your pet spayed or neutered. We take great care by screening your pet for underlying problems in advance by performing a thorough physical examination and taking the necessary bloodwork. We utilize the safest anesthetic and surgical techniques to minimize pain and expedite recovery.
Emergency and Critical Care:
Our highly experienced staff is fully trained for emergency situations. During regular business hours we handle emergencies here at our hospital. We have partnered with the Akron Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center in Copley for after hours emergencies. They can be reached at (330) 665-4996.