Surgery is always a little terrifying. It means invasive procedures where risk exists from anesthesia through the surgery to finish. Additionally, recovery time adds a whole other layer of concern. Luckily, our veterinarian offers a safer solution. Pet laser surgery takes a significant amount of risk out of a soft tissue procedure. Our skilled surgeons use animal laser surgery regularly to perform most soft tissue surgeries. Call us at (330) 239-1271 to discuss your pet's options.

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How Does it Work?

It’s not as complicated as you might think! The laser simply acts like a scalpel but with sharper precision and less damage to the tissue. Water particles in the skin and soft tissue absorb the laser beam, which causes the cells to vaporizes. This vaporization is what “cuts” the tissue. The surgeon controls the power of the laser, adjusting how much is actually absorbed, thereby allowing for extreme precision.

Pet Laser Surgery Benefits

Animal laser surgery is a no-brainer when it comes to soft tissue surgery. Many of the risks of regular surgery such as excessive bleeding and infection are greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Below are some details about the benefits:

  • Laser surgery decreases the sense of pain after surgery, as the laser is able to seal the nerve endings as it cuts.
  • It reduces bleeding and blood loss through cauterization of blood vessels as the laser vaporizes tissue.
  • There is less risk of infection due to the extreme heat of the laser, which kills any bacteria present at the time of surgery.
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Surgeries Performed by Laser

As mentioned earlier, most soft tissue surgeries can be—and are— performed with a laser to reduce recovery time and decrease risks. Spays and neuters are often done by laser, as well as skin tumor removal, some throat and oral surgeries, and even surgeries as delicate as ocular procedures.

Interested in learning more about this veterinary medical technology? Call today at (330) 239-1271 or stop by to hear more about pet laser surgery!