A part of you may think a spay and neuter surgery sounds cruel, but in fact, it does your pet (and you!) a world of good. The medical benefits of spay and neuter can actually extend your pet’s life. Furthermore, behavioral changes that result from these surgeries can make your life a little easier, too.

Equally important is the effect it has on the greater pet population—more sterilized pets means less unwanted litters and therefore fewer animals in shelters and on the street. Call us at (330) 239-1271 to discuss your pet's options today.

Medical Benefits

First, let’s look at the medical benefits of a spay and neuter surgery. Your pet can dodge some serious, often fatal diseases with the procedure, allowing them to lead a longer life with you.

Female Pets:

  • Experience a significant reduction in the risk of breast cancer
  • Are free from the risks of uterine infections and cancer

Male Pets:

  • Have a reduced risk of testicular cancer
  • Are less likely to suffer from prostate problems
  • Benefit from a reduced rate of perianal tumors
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Behavioral Benefits

Next, the benefits are more geared toward you. As an owner, you can experience a calmer, less distracted pet who makes for a more faithful companion.

Female Pets:

  • Dogs will no longer experience bleeding during their heat cycles
  • Cats are also relieved of the frantic irritation of a heat cycle
  • Are less likely to roam to find a mate

Male Pets:

  • Are less aggressive
  • Have a decreased urge to roam to find a mate
  • Are less inclined to mark territory with urine or mount objects or others

When to Perform the Surgery

Typically, the veterinary community recommends spaying and neutering your pet at around 6 months of age. However, there are a number of dependent factors to consider – such as breed, size, and the health of your pet. Please make an appointment so your vet can discuss what the best approach is for your pet.

Think of any questions while reading? Don’t be shy—give us a call at (330) 239-1271 or stop in today!