Pain is a tricky thing to gauge. While one pet may be evidently in distress over an injury, another with a similar injury will hobble along, happily wagging their tail. Since pets can’t tell us what they’re feeling, we have to pay particular attention to the details so we can properly assess their level of pain. At Akron-Medina Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort, we focus on those details and strive to find the right pet pain management medication so your pet lives a pain-free, happy life.

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Recognizing the Signs

Whether from arthritis, injury, or surgery, your pet’s pain symptoms will likely be subtle. While we can be reasonably sure that a pet who underwent surgery or suffered an injury has some level of pain, it’s less simple to recognize pain in pets with chronic, long-term conditions like arthritis. Often, your pet will exhibit subtle behavioral changes. They may have a reluctance to climb stairs, difficulty sitting up, or simply become more inactive and withdrawn. Watch for these, or other subtle changes in your pet and let us know! The more we know, the better we can gauge treatment options.

Treatment Options

If your pet is undergoing surgery with us, you can be assured they have both pre-surgical and post-surgical pet pain management. We also perform laser surgery in soft tissue procedures which allows for a smoother recovery. No matter what the case, choosing the right medication for pet pain management is important as each option comes with a set of potential risks and side effects.

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Questions or Concerns?

Pain is a serious condition and pet pain management is not to be taken lightly. We are happy to answer any question you have about your pet’s pain level or concerns about their current pain medication. Get in touch today!


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