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Pet Orthopedic Surgery in Medina, OH

Our team at Akron-Medina Veterinary Hospital & Pet Resort has been trained to handle a number of orthopedic procedures. We can help your pet lead a full, happy, and healthy life. Call us today at (330) 239-1271.
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Orthopedic Surgery for Dogs & Cats in Medina, OH

Orthopedic surgery for dogs and cats corrects and prevents a wide range of issues. It can help with joint conditions, fractures, and limb deformities. These surgeries are typically more involved and complex than soft tissue surgeries, and not all veterinary practices can perform orthopedic surgeries.

Procedures Performed by Our Medina, OH, Veterinarian

Our surgical team handles a wide range of orthopedic issues. We have years of experience and can ensure your pet is receiving optimal surgical care. Below is a list of more common issues we can correct with orthopedic pet surgery:

The CCL is similar to a human’s ATL. A rupture can mean serious pain and will lead to more serious conditions, such as osteoarthritis, if left untreated. Surgery can help stabilize the knee joint, and there are several techniques to correct a CCL rupture. After an initial exam, we’ll discuss the best option with you.

Like CCL, this condition also affects the knee joint. The “patella” is actually the kneecap and normally sits nicely in its groove underneath the patellar ligament. However, when the patella shifts, or “luxates,” your dog will have difficulty bearing weight on that leg. In many cases, your dog learns to snap it back into place, but frequent luxation predisposes the knee to other injuries. A corrected patella luxation can mean a more comfortable, pain-free life for your dog.

If your pet seems to have a fracture, the first thing we’ll do is a digital x-ray to confirm the location and severity of the fracture. Unlike humans, pets are not predisposed to rest an injured limb, so while casts work for us, an operation is usually best for your pet. Options for treatment include bone plating or screws, external skeletal fixation, and interlocking nail fixation, among others.

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Aftercare and Recovery

As with any surgery, recovery from an orthopedic pet surgery will include pain management, as well as home care instructions. Keep your pet isolated in a crate or closed-off space immediately following surgery as the anesthesia wears off. Crate rest may be required for a longer period of time, depending on the surgery. It’s best to follow your veterinarian’s instructions in order to facilitate your pet’s recovery.

For questions, concerns, or more information about orthopedic pet surgery, please ask one of our practice staff at your next visit or give us a call at (330) 239-1271!

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