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Pet Diagnostics in Medina, OH

At our animal hospital in Medina, OH, our veterinarian regularly utilizes cat & dog imaging and diagnostic equipment to better understand and assess your pet’s internal health.

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Cat & Dog Imaging & Diagnostics in Medina, OH

Using laboratory work, ultrasound and X-ray, we can dive deeper and see all the layers of your pet from nose to tail and everything in between. While most of our testing is done in-house, we work with specialists in external labs who we refer to for specialized cases. Call us today at (330) 239-1271.

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Our Diagnostic Capabilities

We have a full in-house lab where we can perform a number of tests and analyses that help us better understand your pet’s overall health. We use our equipment habitually before every surgery to ensure your pet is healthy enough for anesthesia. Additionally, routine bloodwork is a part of annual pet wellness plans.

We can also perform regular fecal tests to check for parasites and urinalysis to determine key information about kidney function and glucose levels that could signal diabetes or other internal issues. Furthermore, cytology or skin cell scans are performed in-house if your pet presents with dermatological issues.


Radiology and ultrasonography give us a window into your pet’s inner workings. Both have immense value x-rays give us a detailed, static image of your pet’s body, while ultrasound lets us see the organs, joints, and other moving parts in motion.
Everyone knows radiographs are used to diagnose fractures and breaks, but they can be used for a whole lot more. An x-ray can help diagnose:

  • Trouble breathing or an unexplained cough
  • A site of trauma
  • Pneumonia
  • Heart problems
  • Dental issues
  • And many other internal issues
dog wellness care
dog wellness care


Equally important, ultrasound helps determine if deeper problems may be causing your pet’s illness. Ultrasonography can help diagnose:

  • Kidney stones or bladder stones
  • Abdominal pain
  • Enlarged abdomen
  • Foreign body location
  • Pancreatitis
  • And much more
Interested in learning more about what cat and dog imaging and diagnostics can do for your pet? Call us at  (330) 239-1271 or stop in to make an appointment!

Veterinary Services

Below are all of the veterinary services we offer at the Akron-Medina Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort. If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to call us.